1. Is Finding a Road Carrier has to be painful?
    Is Finding a Road Carrier has to be painful?
  2.           Navigate Freight Opportunities
    Navigate Freight Opportunities
  3.    Are You Paying the right freight rates?
    Are You Paying the right freight rates?
  4. Do you have visibility on nearby freight opportunities?
    Do you have visibility on nearby freight opportunities?
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Inter-Connecting Supply ChainS​​

Grid is reshaping the way Cargo's moving around the world through a collaborative Freight & Logistics market Place, where shippers, freight forwarders,  and asset owners can buy & sell freight online, & save money , time, and security stress.
Grid is a freight and logistics technology enabler
Helping Shippers, Forwarders, and Carriers to boost up the level of communication and operation efficiency through A Collaborative software
Grid Software Automates Freight & Logistics Activities in the sense of Reverse Logistics Match-Making Empowering Ecosystem Actors with Real Time visibility On Cost Saving Opportunities.
  1. Freight E-Commerce
    Logistics industry is suffering from the too many back and forth phone calls, Emails, faxes and redundant manual tasks. Grid Online Market place is replacing old tools with a unique and sophisticated technology that meets all you commercial needs.
  2. Supply Chain Visibility
    Supply Chain Visibility is essential to get a head of your competition. Grid provides visibility and tracking features on your cargo, assets and data flow that empowers everyone across the supply chain to make smarter, faster, and well informed decisions.
  3. Shared Logistics
    Freight Collaboration already in place, but the ultimate benefits of the shared economy still not reached. Grid Sharing technology brings the maximum security and collaboration levels.
  4. From Chaos To Order
    Instead of visiting many websites to track shipments, read blogs & news, or Submit bookings. Grid enables you to perform all your freight & logistics daily activities from a single place
  5. Customized Reporting
    Monitor the performance of your Freight transactions, Vendors, Operation Deliveries, invoicing and more through Grid Reporting Tool. Customize your dash board, reports, and notification alerts as you need.
  6. Assets Utilization
    Grid asset utilization solution helps you to manage & track your assets location and performance. With Grid Sharing Feature, you can increase utilization by sharing your idle assets where you can save money and generate additional revenues.
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Real time visibility on Market freight rates, your shipments, documents, invoices, and vendors.
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Increase sales with almost zero costs with instant domestic & international online freight selling.
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Utilize and track your assets . Post Trucks, Equipment, and empty warehouse space in seconds.
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